Sump Pump Systems

There's a heck of a difference between a cheap plastic sump pump and a quality cast-iron model. Plastic sump pumps are often low-capacity models that can easily overheat, break down, and clog. You save some money with the initial installation, but the savings will quickly become not worth the trouble as your sump pump fails and the basement floods again.

Alternatively, a sump pump system made of cast-iron with an anti-clog float switch is much less likely to have an issue. If it also sits on a stand (instead of on the bottom of the pit, where debris settles and collects), it's much less likely to experience a problem.

Your sump pump should also be sitting in a reliable sump pump liner. The sump liner should be made of durable plastic so that it never rusts, rots or corrodes, and it should be big enough so that the sump pump does not continually turn on and off because it's pumping water faster than the sump liner can fill.

If the sump pump includes an airtight lid, humidity won't filter out of the lid and enter the basement. The lid should also have pipes and other openings sealed with rubber grommets that will absorb noise and keep the sump running more quietly. A sump pump alarm can be set up to sound off if the pump fails or is overwhelmed by high volumes of water, giving you time to respond before the basement floods.

Any reliable sump pump system will also include a backup sump pump. Having an additional sump pump will give you a second line of defense should the first sump pump clog, experience mechanical failure, become unplugged, or be overwhelmed by too much water. Installing a battery backup sump pump would protect you from power outages, which are likely during heavy rains. A good battery backup sump pump should be able to pump at least 10,000 gallons of water on a single charge and will be able to sound off to let you know it's running. New, advanced battery backup sump pumps are now being designed that can hook up to your home's alarm system so you can be called on your cell phone if the battery backup turns on. click to read more about battery backup sump pumps!

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