Crawl Space

Crawl Space Problems

Crawl spaces are likely the most disregarded and neglected spaces within a home. They're notoriously dark, damp, moldy, smelly places that are avoided by the homeowner at all costs. However, a crawl space is part of the home, and as such, what happens there bears upon the entire home. Listed below are the five most common crawl space problems. Click on the one that applies to you to read about what causes these problems, what they mean for your home, and what you can do to fix them.

Crawl space rot can lead to mold allergens in your home, sagging floors, a damaged structure, and can encourage termites to enter your home. Replacing a rotting crawl space is extremely expensive, but if they're repaired before the damage is severe, there are many fast and cost-effective repairs available.

Mold in the crawlspace means damage to crawl space wood and it leads to mold spore allergens throughout the home. Click here to learn how crawl space mold is affecting your health and home - and what you can do to stop it.

A crawl space can easily become a habitat for mice, termites, ants, snakes, and a variety of other animals and insects who live (and die) there. The combination of rot, dead wood, animal waste, and dead animals can lead to quite a smell seeping in through the floor boards. Click here to find out what you can do about it.

Flooded crawl spaces quickly lead to major problems in the home. On top of that, a home with a wet crawl space is going to be extremely difficult to sell at a good value. What can you do to control a flooding crawl space problem?

A failing sump pump can lead to a flooding crawl space. However, how will you know when the sump pump floods? Most homeowners sometimes go months without looking at the crawl space. Click to read what you can do about a failing sump pump.

During the summer, outside air is hot and humid. The crawl space, however, is cooled naturally by the earth, and it remains at a constant temperature of about 50 degrees. When hot, humid summer air enters the crawl space through the vents, it's cooled in the crawl space, and the humidity skyrockets.


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