Basement Troubleshooting Guide

Tips to solve your basement problems!

It's difficult to fix a problem if you don't know why it's there, how serious it is, or how much worse it may become. If you're trying to figure out what steps to take to fix your crawl space or basement problem, this is a major problem!
To help you narrow down your problem, we've provided you with this informative troubleshooting guide. This will help you figure out what's wrong, learn about what it means for your home, and discover the best ways to fix it.
To help us to walk you though the process, please tell us whether your problem is in a basement or crawl space, please choose one below:


Basements are usually structures with high ceilings that are accessible from a door inside the house. Most often, the walls are made of concrete, concrete blocks, field stone, tile, or, in rare cases, wood. Some basements seem almost seem like crawl spaces, with lower ceilings and dirt walls but no vents. Basements usually have windows, whereas windows in crawl spaces are uncommon. Click to learn more about basements.

Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces most commonly have low ceilings and are accessible from a door that can only be reached from the outside. In some cases, you can access your crawl space from a hatch doorway in the inside. Crawl spaces sometimes have walls made with concrete, concrete block, field stone, tile or wood. However, they are much more likely than a basement to have dirt walls and floors or a plastic vapor barrier lining the area. Crawl spaces will also often be installed with crawl space vents along the sides. Click to learn more about crawl spaces.